13TH MARCH, 2018

R&D Tax Credits Platform Tax Cloud Celebrates 100 SME’s Seeking Expert Support

Small businesses across the country have been utilising an effective new tool that helps process R&D tax credits claims as well as provide expert support throughout the process. Tax Cloud, which launched late last year has hit the 100-client milestone, demonstrating just how valuable the online platform is for SMEs keen to take advantage of tax credit opportunities.


Designed to provide a cash boost for businesses that are developing ideas and products, R&D tax relief allows firms to go further and explore more opportunities. However, it can be a time-consuming process and requires the right skillset. Tax Cloud delivers these businesses with the expertise they need to ensure their tax credit claim is fully maximised. So far, it’s a service that 100 SME’s have successfully used and many more have taken advantage of the platform’s ‘Are You Eligible?’ and ‘R&D Tax Calculator’ tools.


Barrie Dowsett, Chief Executive Officer of Tax Cloud, said, “We’re thrilled that so many businesses have been coming to us for support. As specialists in R&D our goal is to champion those firms that are pushing the boundaries and constantly innovating.  Through using Tax Cloud there are now an extra 100 businesses that have been able to put forward professional R&D claim forms and reap the rewards. The generous R&D tax credits incentive means these businesses have even more cash to invest in development projects that have the potential to be game changers.”


Operated by renowned experts in the R&D tax relief sector Myriad Associates, Tax Cloud has made it simple for businesses to put forward an R&D tax claim. Those that have already used the service have benefitted from the expert advice and recommendations of the team behind the platform throughout the process. Providing an R&D claim report that can simply be submitted to HMRC after gathering project and cost information, Tax Cloud is a tool that’s fast becoming an essential for businesses with a focus on R&D.


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Meet some of the team behind Tax Cloud

Barrie Dowsett ACMA CGMA Chief Executive Officer
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Deborah Chapple ATT Corporate Tax Senior Associate
Lauren Olson MA, MISTC Technical Consultant