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Tax Cloud offers small businesses a guided, innovative, cost-effective, online tool to help them through the R&D Tax Credits claim process.

Get started How does Tax Cloud work?

How does Tax Cloud work?

4 Easy Steps

Are you eligible?

Is your business registered for Corporation Tax in the UK?

Does your business undertake innovative development projects?

Does your business employ fewer than 50 people?

Yes, you are most likely eligible
If your business isn't eligible for Tax Cloud, speak to one of our consultants
Get started Estimate your savings with our free R&D tax calculator

R&D Tax Calculator

This R&D tax credits calculator will provide you with an estimate of the corporation tax savings that you may receive from HMRC following a claim for R&D tax relief.

Is your company making a profit or making a loss?

Enter the amount you spent in your last accounting period on staff working on R&D projects (include employers NI and any company pension costs) plus the cost of any materials used for prototyping.
£0 £1m
Enter the amount you spent in your last accounting period on sub-contractors, freelancers, and agency workers working on R&D projects.
£0 £1m

Total Saving:


Tax Cloud Fee:


NET Saving:


Estimated corporation tax savings

This R&D tax credits calculator provides an estimate of the corporation tax savings you may be entitled to. It is based on your estimated figures. Accurate figures are calculated after you submit your expenditure details to Tax Cloud and our experts have reviewed your claim.

Results Only Pricing

Your Tax Cloud fee is just 3.5% of your eligible qualifying R&D expenditure
This is equivalent to 10.4% of the corporation tax savings for loss making businesses and 13.5% of the corporation tax savings for profit making businesses.

No upfront fee
You only pay us when your claim has been processed by HMRC.

No fee charged if you are not eligible
If we or HMRC decide that you are not eligible we won’t charge you a fee. We also answer any questions from HMRC without charging you any additional fee.

Amended Company Tax Returns (CT600)
We are happy to prepare your Amended Company Tax Return (CT600) for a fixed fee of £250 as an optional additional service.

Start your Tax Cloud claim now Find out if you qualify and make sure your R&D tax claim is maximised.

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