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Tax Cloud offers businesses a guided, innovative, cost-effective, online tool to help them through the R&D Tax Credits claim process.

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About R&D tax credits

Who is eligible?

Any company in any industry may be eligible for R&D tax credits. The key is that the company must be undertaking development activities that seek to achieve an advancement in technology.

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What are they worth?

If you're a profitable SME you can expect about 24.7% of your R&D costs refunded. If you're a loss-making SME, you can expect about 33% back.

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How to claim

Claims are made through your Company's tax return and by submitting an R&D tax claim report to HMRC for assessment.

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How does Tax Cloud work?

4 Easy Steps

Straightforward sign up

Sign up with your company name and we automatically verify your details.


Describe your R&D activities and add your costs

Add your R&D projects, activites and costs in the Tax Cloud portal.


Myriad’s experts review and check your claim

Myriad’s specialist consultants review and support your claim by providing feedback and recommendations.


Download your completed R&D claim report

Tax Cloud takes your project descriptions and costs and creates the R&D tax claim report. Myriad will submit this report to HMRC on your behalf and answer any questions raised by HMRC.

Is Tax Cloud right for you?

Is your business registered for Corporation Tax in the UK?

Does your business undertake innovative development projects?

Does your business employ fewer than 500 people?

Yes, you are most likely eligible
You may still be eligible to claim R&D tax credits. Please contact Myriad Associates to discuss your claim.
Get started COntact Us Estimate your savings with our free R&D tax calculator

R&D Tax Calculator

This R&D tax credits calculator will provide you with an estimate of the corporation tax savings that you may receive from HMRC following a claim for R&D tax relief.

Is your company making a profit or making a loss?

Enter the amount you spent in your last accounting period on R&D staff and consumable items (materials, electricity, component parts etc.)
£0 £1m
Enter the amount you spent in your last accounting period on sub-contractors, freelancers, and agency workers working on R&D projects.
£0 £1m

Total Saving up to:


Tax Cloud Fee:


NET Savings up to:


Estimated corporation tax savings

This R&D tax credits calculator provides an estimate of the corporation tax savings you may be entitled to. It is based on your estimated figures. Accurate figures are calculated after you submit your expenditure details to Tax Cloud and our experts have reviewed your claim.

Results Only Pricing

Your Tax Cloud fee is just 3.5% of your eligible qualifying R&D expenditure
This is equivalent to 10.4% of the corporation tax savings for loss making businesses and 13.5% of the corporation tax savings for profit making businesses.

No upfront fee
You only pay us when your claim has been processed by HMRC.

No fee charged if you are not eligible
If we or HMRC decide that you are not eligible we won’t charge you a fee. We also answer any questions from HMRC without charging you any additional fee.

Amended Company Tax Returns (CT600)
Unlike other providers, we prepare your amended Company Tax Return (CT600) for free as part of our claim process.

Tax Cloud Features

Features Tax Cloud Boutique
R&D Advisor
Focused expertise in R&D claims
Online service, no meetings
Dedicated specialists in SME R&D claims
Expert review of all aspects of claim
Quality service at a low fee
No upfront fees N/A
No minimum contract period N/A
Xero Integration

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Myriad Associates helps businesses maximise tax reliefs and secure R&D grant funds. We specialise in R&D Tax Credits, Video Games Tax Relief, Innovate UK grants, Horizons 2020 grants, and Research and Development Capital Allowance Claims.

  • Submitting R&D tax claims since 2001
  • 100% success rate
  • Over £100m claimed and counting
  • Industry leading specialists
  • In-house technical, costing and tax experts
  • Member of the Research and Development Consultative (RDCC) committee

Meet some of the team behind Tax Cloud

Barrie Dowsett ACMA CGMA Chief Executive Officer
David Farbey MA, FISTC, FRSA Technical Consultancy Director
Deborah Chapple ATT Corporate Tax Director
Lauren Olson MA, MISTC Senior Technical Consultant