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Using Tax Cloud for your R&D tax credit claim is simple, fast and cost-effective. Our portal is designed to help you secure your claim quickly and at an affordable fee.

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What is Tax Cloud & How Does It Work?

Tax Cloud is an online portal that offers UK businesses the ability to prepare their own R&D Tax Credit Claim like an R&D claim expert. Ensuring your claim is secured, maximised and at a much lower fee than traditional consultancy.

Tax Cloud works in 4 simple steps:


Straightforward sign up

Sign up with your company name and we automatically verify your details.

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Describe your R&D activities and add your costs

Add your R&D projects, activites and costs in the Tax Cloud portal.

How It Works

Myriad’s experts review and check your claim

Myriad’s specialist consultants review and support your claim by providing feedback and recommendations.


Download your completed R&D claim report

Tax Cloud takes your project descriptions and costs and creates the R&D tax claim report. Myriad will submit this report to HMRC on your behalf and answer any questions raised by HMRC.

Tax Cloud Pricing

Why use Tax Cloud

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Low fees

Fees charged for Tax Cloud will ALWAYS be cheaper than traditional services. Cost savings are incurred as you yourself invest the time to input data into the system.

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24/7 access

Tax Cloud offers you the ability to begin and process your claim as quickly as you want.

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Direct access to qualified advisor(s)

Tax Cloud supports numerous channels of communication allowing you to get expert advice at a fraction of the cost of full-service consultancy.

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Peace of Mind

By using Tax Cloud you can ensure every aspect of your claim is in one place, which makes it easier to manage and quicker to process.

Features Tax Cloud Boutique
R&D Advisor
Focused expertise in R&D claims
Online service, no meetings
Dedicated specialists in SME R&D claims
Expert review of all aspects of claim
Quality service at a low fee
No upfront fees N/A
No minimum contract period N/A
Xero Integration
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How much could your R&D tax credit claim be worth?

This R&D tax credits calculator will provide you with an estimate of the corporation tax savings that you may receive from HMRC following a claim for R&D tax relief.

£0 £1m
£0 £1m

Total Saving up to:


Tax Cloud Fee:


NET Savings up to:


Estimated corporation tax savings

This R&D tax credits calculator provides an estimate of the corporation tax savings you may be entitled to. It is based on your estimated figures. Accurate figures are calculated after you submit your expenditure details to Tax Cloud and our experts have reviewed your claim.

Tax Cloud FAQs

Your fee for using Tax Cloud is only 2.5% or 5%.
For claims receiving more than £200k in tax savings, the fee for using Tax Cloud is 2.5%. For claims receiving up to £200k in tax savings, the fee for using Tax Cloud is 5%. These fees are subject to a minimum fee of £2,500 + VAT. Use our calculator above to determine what price you will pay to benefit from Tax Cloud's R&D claim reports and expert guidance.

Tax Cloud is not a DIY service, whilst you input the information into Tax Cloud, our team of R&D experts advise, review and approve each stage of the claim process including dealing with HMRC post-submission. This ensures your claim is maximised, secured and you save on fees typically incurred with full a consultancy approach.

Tax Cloud is fully integrated with Xero which means that payroll and supplier costs are transferred with just a few clicks. This makes it extremely quick and easy to proceed with your claim and acquire your relief.

Any project that aims to make an advance in science or technology or to make an appreciable improvement in existing technology may be eligible for R&D Tax Credits. As part of the Tax Cloud process our experienced specialist consultants review the details of your projects and can offer you more guidance if necessary. If you’re unsure whether you qualify, please contact us on the form below and we can quickly and confidentially establish whether you would succeed with a claim.

You can claim staff costs (salaries, employer’s NI, company pension costs and reimbursed expenses), agency workers, sub-contractors, software licences, and the cost of consumable items such as materials, component parts and fuel costs. materials, amongst other things.

Sure, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to offer any advice we can.

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