End 2 End Accountancy Ltd Logo Martyn Hodgson Chartered Accountant End 2 End Accountancy Ltd

Tax Cloud works well with my clients, it’s a timely and cost-efficient tool for quickly submitting R&D tax credit claims.

I've found the team to be very knowledgeable and supportive with all my client’s claims.

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Human Technology Ltd Logo John Regan CEO Human Technology Ltd
Tax Cloud is an excellent service. It guides you through the process of applying for an R&D tax credit with expert advice and support and is far cheaper than any other R&D advisory service I've come across.
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Interrog8 Ltd Logo Ryan Thorley Director Interrog8 Ltd
I have nothing but good things to say about Tax Cloud. My R&D claim went through issue free thanks to the help and support of the team. Would highly recommend
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NXT Digital Solutions Logo Peter Hinchliffe Strategy Director NXT Digital Solutions

Tax Cloud was perfect for our agency! We’ve been through the consultant process for a couple of years and understood the parameters of the R&D technical competency requirements. Tax Cloud allowed us to complete this ourselves but without the large consultant % price tags through their easy online platform. The Tax Cloud consultants helped scope and refine our claim offering really useful online feedback and expertise when needed. The cost capture was easier than ever and it saved us time and money! A great service that we can’t wait to use again next year and I would highly recommend their service.

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NXT migrated their R&D claims from a specialist consultant to Tax Cloud having been through the process several times and wanted the freedom to be able to manage their own claim online – at their own time, but still benefit from expert advice and guidance

NXT Digital Solutions provide bespoke digital web and mobile application development services across the business community. The company specialises in full service digital application creation services including; strategy, conceptualisation, creatives, bespoke development of CMS, CRM, API solutions, integrations, analytics, data management, machine learning and AI tools. The agency works across various business sectors but specialises in Windows ASP.NET and Azure infrastructure.

Essencient Ltd Logo Rob Lancashire Co-Founder Essencient Ltd
Tax Cloud makes the process of completing an R&D tax credit claim very straightforward and quick. It’s also a very cost effective route and you still get all the advice and guidance you need. We prepared our last claim from start to finish in about 2 weeks!
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Digital Taxonomy Logo Pat Molloy Chief Executive Officer Digital Taxonomy

“Tax Cloud was an excellent way for Digital Taxonomy to make its first R&D tax credits claim. The process was straightforward, with a step-by-step approach that ensured that all areas of the claim were covered. Myriad Associates’ team of specialist consultants provided helpful feedback and recommendations and were available to answer any questions I had. I recommend Tax Cloud to any small business developing innovative software.”

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Digital Taxonomy’s claim was processed quickly using Tax Cloud’s efficient processes and made excellent use of Tax Cloud’d experts to ensure they maximised their claim.

Digital Taxonomy Limited provides cutting-edge tools and services to the market research industry worldwide. The company takes advantage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract meaning from open-ended text collected in surveys, and has a genuinely innovative data-wrangling tool, which customers user to tackle modern-day data complexity challenges.

Raise Design Ltd Logo Martha Jordan Director & Founder Raise Design Ltd

Tax Cloud has made R&D tax relief truly accessible to small businesses who are in the process of innovating - and meets a genuine need for help to simplify and clarify this. The process was straight forward and the Tax Cloud team were brilliant, bringing in all their experience and knowledge and being on hand to respond very quickly to all my questions.  They made the whole process easy and efficient and were a real pleasure to work with.  

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RAISE DESIGN LTD had been seeking a provider to support an R&D tax credits claim. Tax Cloud’s cost effective solution and the expert guidance provided by Tax Cloud’s team of Technical, Cost and Tax Consultant was the perfect fit for Raise Design’s needs.

RAISE DESIGN was founded to develop and launch a novel elevation technology with unique design and engineering possibilities. The business opportunity lay in the innovation of a fast and easy lifting mechanism within a compact framework - and its potential to solve problems of time and space and energy in various applications for different industries.