Essencient Limited


Robert Lancashire

Co-founder and CEO

Essencient Limited

<p>&quot;<a href="" target="_blank">Essencient Limited</a>&nbsp;uses innovative, patented technology to change the world of social conversation analysis. Using natural language processing (NLP) AI techniques, the company&rsquo;s mobile app Opinyin provides an engaging platform that surveys and analyses high volumes of socially created opinions to find and eliminate the noise, and then provide the refined, meaningful data to clients.&quot;</p>

<p>Essencient made their Tax Cloud claim in February 2018. Using Tax Cloud&rsquo;s simple step-by-step guided process, Essencient provided the technical and costing elements of the tax claim and worked with Myriad Associates to cover the claim&rsquo;s tax elements. The company will invest the R&amp;D tax credit back into the business to support ongoing R&amp;D activities.</p>


I would highly recommend Tax Cloud to anyone seeking to make an R&amp;D tax credits claim. Making my claim through the Tax Cloud platform was very quick and easy, and Myriad Associates&rsquo; highly-skilled team of specialists were available whenever I had a question. This was an ideal way of dealing with my R&amp;D tax credits claim, and Tax Cloud provides excellent value for money.